Allen Ferguson

Video Artist. Director. Editor. Cinematographer.


The incredible Seanna Sharpe and Co. Caught Mid Flight…

New hybrid film/reel for the extremely talented Dana Abrassart

A zombie film I shot in about 2 hours with the amazing Janelle Fishman. Edited and soundtracked by me in about 2 hours before a random last minute going away party. Projected onto a ripped white board in a junk yard it looked spectacular.

A new film I shot in Brooklyn with the Sony FS-700.

Warning: Graphic Content.

Brian Coleman’s Death Scene, the first of many from Full Metal Creeper. During the fundraiser you could donate 100$ and get a death scene at the end of the film.

A trailer I shot/edited/directed for my feature length directorial debut, Full Metal Creeper. Starring the illustrious Christian Sukhgian Houle with a cameo by Luis Felbar.

Houle as #16549, 2010-11

In this video Christina re-embodies the text an inmate and prison rodeo participant gave during an interview conducted with him at the Angola Prison Rodeo.  It was screened at the the Texas State University Feminism and Visual Representation Student Conference in Fall of 2010 and served as a test for the 1/24 project that I am currently developing. 

Created in Collaboration with Christina Houle.

Incantations of Help, 2011

Multichannel video installation using interviews with 45 San Marcos residents on the subject of help.  The text from these interviews was re-embodied by nine members of my family, filmed and looped for the exhibition. Created in Collaboration with Christina Houle.